Saturday, June 6, 2009

morning love

morning world..hari bahagia semua

take a look at fara's page. n look how funny+cute she is. nak amik jugak tu smpai kene crop n sharpen image bagaiii. btw, thank you, mak cik ;))

and take a look at another fara. it's farah sofia's page. hidden talent might just turn out to be a diamond. heee

i woke up super early dis morning. reason? nahh i dun have to tell u what i've done from a to z rite. or else its gonna be a diary then ;p as i woke up dis morning, the first thing that came across my mind was " u LIED! dumb ass. stupid fu#ker. annoying nak mampos tau x? ". sorry i dun mean to curse that much n i dun have to make it a public affair on anyone coz i might be angry n pissed off this hour n laughing in the next hour. so no biggie.

now it's 9.30am n im waiting for lunch hour break. going to mid valley with nadi to score another over-sized handbag from top shop. grrrr. there i go. spending away. have to prepare a goood reason when the monthly bill comes. heh xde hal xde hal.

oh ya. no entry yday coz i was sooo busy watching videos that we took last semester. rara brought her super cool sony touch screen camera n i brought mine along. so all that we did were, tangkap gambar n amik video. as many as possible. we recorded almost all memorable moments that we had been through for almost 4++ months. i shall upload some videos here, obviously those yang legal enough to show to public since i dont know who reads my blog.

videos on my next post yeh. happy reading :))



Arafia said...

this is so cute.eheh thank u nyssa =)

p/s: the video cam made me sound nice, really. dont be fooled.

gud luck for the upcoming result!! bile dapat tau pasal degree offer?

fara rasep said...

hahha.perasan tak,awak,cik farah sofia n i sama2 link and kita tiga pergi perhentian bulan nih.i awal bulan,cik farah tengah bulan n u hujung bulan.hehhe

nnti carik nan hotel tau..dekat je ngan kuala besut jetty..

anyssa said...

farah sofia : urghh i pon x tau kuar bile. i dont bother to check pun coz knowing uitm, im sure nothing is confirmed -.-

n when r u going to perhentian?

fara dona : yes baru perasan! nan hotel is a must utk dicari n paling penting, tangkap gambar yg paling clear.

Arafia said...

yea true enough..but dun forget to update me ok? tapi i want u to masuk medic so badly! ahaha =)

oh off to perhentian on the 19th til the 21st..u? dona pegi bile?

anyssa said...

medic x bukak for undergraduates. only open for postgradutes. so i have to pass the chance :(

planned nak pegi on 25th tapi da tukar date. might be going on this 13th to 15th. dona da pegi dah in the beginning of june.

Arafia said...

eh r u kidding me? maknenye ape? budak2 dip tak dpt nak apply for medic ke?! WHATTTTTTTTT!!

anyssa said...

yeah. that means, budak part 6 last sem including me, janah, siti n rara x boleh apply. only for ex-part 6 jul-nov08. in other words, have to have the dip certificate. n application opens once a year.

so have to wait for next year klu nak. meanwhile, u cant apply for any other course coz u have to be available when u're applying it next year.

so yeah. there goes the bureaucracy between medic fac n dip students.