Friday, June 26, 2009

sky is the limit

one more night to go n im off to kelantan n perhentian island. it's gonna be a bigger crowd this time around. yaya, alang's gorgeous gf n her brother will join us. so there's 8 of us. only if nasir joins us. or else it's gonna be 7 :( pegi laaa...

many vacations in one holiday make me feel loved. national park. 2 vacations at perhentian along with shoppingsss n other activities. all in less than 2 months. im not gonna calculate how much i've spent but i'll leave it to u to calculate on ur own :)

to be honest, i can't see where is my future rite now. seems dark. degree is totally not in my rocking mind right now. im not ganna talk bout my studies here. keep holding on, anyssa. everything's gonna be alright ;p all i want is another great vacation. well, gonna have it in less than 2 days.

need to re-pack my bag. later.

tunggu sekejap je...

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