Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i can handle it all by myself

cant wait to see you guys. im expecting surprises. hahaha.

going to kelantan on 11th and to perhentian island on 13th. so yeahh not in the mood to tell anything bout it coz i havent finish reading the textbook yet. even after 2 weeks. heee. my brother however, surprised me by reading 2 chapters within 3 hours. in fact, he can explain everything very well. i took 2 weeks ok? grrr. it is a scuba diving textbook, btw. but today, i found something more interesting to read. so i'll pass the textbook to yas n he'll explain to me later :))

im becoming more independent since the holiday started. parents are busy. sisters are busy with upsr prep n work. spoiled brother will be at home at 2am everyday. friends are busy with works n only meet them on weekends. boyfriend is not around. so pathetically, im all alone this holiday. everything is done all by myself man! for the first time, i can say. n somehow, i loveee it. cang, u must be proud of me *winks* i feel 25 ;p

oh sblm lupa, i think 1234 by plain white t's is annoying. the song is sweet tho. toooo sweet to handle. but sumhow, i memorised the lyrics especially the "4 u u U U U" part (which is the most annoying part). do not judge me or i call u brainless.

jannah. we're sooo blood sisters. 'it' comes just at the 'right' time. urghhh sakit perutttt!!!

small doses of happiness will do


kudapolo said...

selamat bergumbiraaa!

waniey_freakingGOOD said...

have a very safe journey babe,
had fun ya...
save the cute guy for me that u will about meet there...

anyssa said...

zahid : thank you. nnti ym lagi. ade benda nak ckp :)

wani : hahaha comel je.