Tuesday, June 2, 2009

go out with a smile on ur face

it's 1st of june and it's monday. a goood reason to start ur day. go out with a smile on ur face, darlings :)

look who's back!heee.been really busy with LIFE.heee.lame nisa..LAME

my relatives are here in kl. so i have to sort of 'entertain' them by staying at home. borak2 n keep ourselves updated wit our latest story but being anyssa, i knw that i just cant help it ;p


went to ou yday. the traffic was fine, surprisingly.reached there arnd 4pm. our main intention was to look for pants but we ended up watching "Break Dance Competition : Battle of the Year 2009". unplanned event lagi. at first, i laughed to those kids that were hopping here n there to the groove of the music n creating some breakdance movement but as it moved from individual category to groups, it became more n more interesting. the anticipation dragged me to stay up till the end of the event. n the worst part was alam's(so you think you can dance? champion) group, Wakaka Fever lost to Giler Battle Crew. it was kinda frustating since i shouted n cheered for his group all the way till the end.hahaha damn!

one message to those kids, 'go n get at least one education certificate. so that u're an educated b-boy rather that b-boy with useless brain' anyssa

i would never turn a conversation or leave a message up to that level. dont worry. i knw the limits. n i know my limits as well. im big enough to think straight. nothing intimate. nothing personal. i knw where i stand. it hurts but no worries :D

need to rearrange my blog playlist. add up new songs n delete one song since someone is coming back tomorrow n he hates nothing lasts forever, maroon 5.

im craving for mcD. again. every single day. addicted man!

happy 1st of june world :)

u're just irresistible

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