Wednesday, June 3, 2009

it's good to have u

since i knw u're reading this..

jannah, thank you. u know i love u. keep those dirty little secrets dat i've told u just now k? sumpah jiwa kacau doooh. but sekoyo lah kan ;p n u've thought me well on how to inhale that shit without any sound of cough anymore. smooth n steady. hahaha. but i coughed once in the car tapi nasib baik ade air blackcurrant pekat kau.

shitt i have book to read n im stuck at page 20. promised myself to finish it within 5 days starting thursday last week but unfortunately, i never proceed since then. smart ass. i have to or else i'll end up being a stuck up nerd at 12am while the rest are hoo-ha-ha at the beach. grrrr. book sucks!

till then :)


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