Friday, July 17, 2009

another good news

just nw, i received another phne call from another fac. i worked on two things. i gt one last wednesday n just now, i gt the other one. so i gt both. confusing much? heh.

z, i gt both. pening. i think i'll stick to the one yg i entered dah ni. or accept the other one? ke macam mane? hahahaha. tau la i kan.

i have till monday to make any changes or decisions. god, help me.

alhamdulillah. i believe in rezeki.

oh just went back from ou. heee. study konon. this is soo anyssa. im glad that i'm still sober. no mental disorder yet. hahaha. ok now i'm thinking for another vacation n scuba diving ;)

time to make a change


kudapolo said...


alhamdulillah. haha. we talked bout another resolution yesterday. istikarah! hehehe.

congrats girl ;)

anyssa said...

erm.. resolution tu start this monday la. blh? hahaha. blh plak mcm tu kan.

thank you superman ;)

Arafia said...

nyssa! rara and ct just told me about u getting offered dentistry! and now that i just read your entries, you got medic jugak?!! CONGRATSSSS babe! hehe lambat sikit baca sbb busy...masuk la medic nyssa! =D

CONGRATS NYSSA!! i plak happy terlebih! ahahaha

anyssa said...

hehehe comel la u.

i'm literally confused. whn i diden gt the offer, i prayed a lot so dat i cud get any. xkesah mane pon. n now, i gt both. so i hv to pray on which to choose.

i'm nw gathering all advices n then baru buat decision. urs wud be medic lah kan ;)

see u around the tower :D menuju puncak. hahahaha

Arafia said...

i think i was this happy when knowing rara and ct got offered medic as well.ehe..i know how u feel.i was around that corner before =)

well there are always pros and cons to both. both curricular is about the same except dentistry will be focusing slightly more on oral region and things related to it. but the workload is equally similar. even lecturers pun sama.

but maybe waktu kerja nanti wld be different. well dentist haf their own leisure time, ade fixed working hours. but as u know, doctors have on calls. but for dentistry, if say suddenly u lost interest in doing orals, then u wld haf no way on turning around. but for medicine, if you don't like cardio, you could always reflct to others. maybe derma, or neuro etc...and medic ade ct and rara, and ME! eheh i always jumpe them.

but hey, it is your choice =) anything, you can just ring me up yea. kalau masuk medic inform me tau!! =D (sorry buat karangan =p)

anyssa said...

thank you darling. ur advices sgt membantu :DD

since i entered one week after the class had started, so mcm kene cover bnyk lecture. grrr.

Anonymous said... nak sgt jd dentist..btw... cgpa 3.77 from diploma sains rsnye layak tak nak dpt dental...even for appeal....really need ur help..hope u cn bcm a great dentist