Saturday, July 4, 2009

stabilizaing myself

it's 12++am on saturday now. in less than few hours, im going to uitm for a looong registration day. sigh. i hate waiting. can someone replace me n do all those stuff? my dad helped me out in almost everything. i just love it when my father knows how to treat this girl ;))

gonna make our first stop at cang's place. payeat is going as well. yeay. then to j's house n straight to uitm. n that is exciting yo. as long as j is next to me. hahahha. thank god that we're together again. my right n left wings.

no new clothes. nothing's new. unlike during my diploma days. knowing that im gonna be wit j all the time, i can be in my ugliest look ever. we dont have to impress anyone but ourselves. heh. there were at times we went selekeh gile n said to each other, "eh kau tak malu ke nak jalan ngan aku" n we laughed our ass off. in fact, we had our breakfast at the hotel's cafe with our pyjamas on :)

one of my friend introduced me to this song. warkah-bau. i cant really figure out which one is the song title and which is the singer. hahaha. dumb ass. now im addicted to this song. give it a try. ok i have to admit this. i rarely watch tv. movie lagi lah. just cant get myself to seat on the couch for 2 frigging hours. even a grammy award movies couldn't win my heart. hehehe.

i'm a boring person nowdays. keep on repeating the same routine over n over again. having the same meal in 3 days straight. put on the same shirt every two or three days coz im just too lazy to find a new clothes to wear. i did not comb my hair since i got back from kelantan. new pumps n dress are waiting for me but im just not in the mood to dressed up. how? is that some signal that my youth phase is fading away. oh noo... hahaha. ok ok ok esok pkai dress pegi registration boleh?

gonna meet some old friends definitely.cute guys would pump my adrenaline dan jiwa remaja ku. heh heh heh heh *evil laugh*

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