Monday, July 20, 2009

let's hope for the best

i'm not shifting. stay in what i'm taking nw. thank you evryone. loves loves loves. farah sofia, heee. sorry but i knw my limits. my brain cant go any futher. bukan x besyukur or give up but hopefully this is the best choice. im nt the type yg study all the time. honestly. at least im tryin nw ;) i knw medic demands lots of sacrification of times n i dont think i can handle that. hey, lets think this way, i boleh jaga dental department kat klinik u nnti :D semuarang ade rezeki n i hope this is my rezeki.

z, i dah start. u?
chong, i'm ur biggest supporter.

i wrote only 20% of my whole life here. tu baru 20% bukan 100%. so do not question bout my life coz i dont knw you n i dun tell bout my private life to public unless if u're close to me. u knw how to contact me directly n honestly i dont simply give away my phne number to strangers. it's my business to be in relationship with anyone pon. u are my enemy. so kenape nak sibuk life i pastu tnye org lain plak tu. stupid kid! anywy, u're nt invited so kindly get ur butt out of my page. thank you ;) tu la nama nye loyal enemy and stalker.

just in case u forgot

quick witted


Anonymous said...

finally u made up ur mind.i hepi 4 u..wpun u amik medic,always hope the best 4 u. -starlight stalker-just like fara said :)

kudapolo said...

dearest n.

i have not. hehe. but u'd be my motivation! :)

gud to know u've made up my mind. sumhow i like it more u in dentistry. cause it's 'chillier' than medic kot..

anyssa said...

anon : thank you :) u shud have give urself a 'name' so that i can differ u from other anon. tp mane aci u je kenal i ;p

z : i pon xde la buat 100% resolution tu. hari ni 90% je. heee. gonna talk to u later,z.

bahril said...

setiap patah perkataan sy phm..

Anonymous said...

how bout u give me a 'name'? :)

anyssa said...

chong : mu memey pandai memandai. sy cito blako ko mu key.nak buat mcm mane. dah ade org minat pasal life sy ;p

Arafia said...

i just read ur post...eyh y sorry pulak. it is ur own final one can make u choose, especially not me.ehe...anyway enjoy and haf fun! =DDD