Friday, July 3, 2009

i need distraction

good morning world...

haih i need distraction. more love perhaps.

yday was just not my day. im sorry for being so cranky. i wish u knew me better. more than any of my close friends. but u just gave me the signal that this is impossible. so i'm holding back from now on. too bad for you. no worries. i'm still smiling.

haih i need distraction. good food perhaps.

need to settle few things up today. tomorrow is the registration day for uitm students. it's gonna be a big and tiring day. being a smart ass, i haven't prepare any documents for tomowrrow. like nothing. literally. im gonna do it today. kalau sempat. im a last minute person. so take it or leave it.

haih i need distraction. shopping perhaps.

i dont give a shit bout this. all i want is, end the registration day with a smile. thinking that i'm a degree student now. i can imagine myself on saturday. my gasping for oxygen face. hahaha. dont wanna think bout monday n the upcoming semester.

haih i need distraction. maybe it's you.

i'm serious when i'm serious

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