Saturday, July 25, 2009


i'm posting this entry using my old IBM laptop. n looking back at my old pics since er... form 5 kot makes me smile over n over again :) nothing's change man. seriously. from long to short hair, from straight to curly hair style n fron bangs to side fringe. but one thing remains is the color which is naturally black n i'm glad that i stick to that ;) n looking back at all those oldies pictures, at least untill 2007, i'm thankful to have such life. eventho i dont travel much but i guess i'm lucky enough compared to those who doesnt even have the chance to so.


first day of class...July 2006

Hich Achievers Club event

bile eh babe? 2007?
baju tu pon da jadi baju tidur dah

meera sent me a text msg yday saying that uitm will be closed for one week. n she said, be prepared to have a pack schedule as it re-open n no hoilday for raya. a BIG big big possibility that i'm not going back to terengganu for raya. ciss. its been a year kot x balik :( gile. ade org sedih. hehehehe. kesian.

i have a week to cover all lectures that i missed. whoot whoot~

shopping is the best therapy after all. went to stadium melawati shah alam yday as there's a big sale on branded items there. bumped with few uitm friends with my short dress. heh sorry la i dari rumah okay. scored myself a nice big sized guess? handbag which i'm gonna use it for classes :) n 2 shades added to my collections. baru excited nak pkai bag baru tapi cuti plak.

running nose makes me wanna puke! urghh. to make things worse, i feel like there's 50kg of rock on my head. been sleeping the whole day. x larat. tolong la jgn demam :(

dont change


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