Friday, July 31, 2009


morning everyone....happy friday

im up early today, arnd 7.30am coz i passed out at 9.47pm last nite :) sorry for not updating. staying alone here makes me wanna sleep all the time. going back to cheras or kajang either this evening or night.

going out for lunch later. probably wit icang si blacky tenten. ahaha. aunty na n yan are going to ou. dont feel like joining them coz i had enough last weekend.

just realized that i have no new picture. i move a lot. went to many places but without any picture.

i miss school. not because of the lectures. obviously. i wash my hair every morning pastu terus drive pegi class. malas nak keringkan so pegi class dgn blakang baju kurung yg basah :) n i miss that.

i miss school. not because of the classes. but i miss having the 'confuse moment' on choosing shoes evry morning. i have all my shoes with me in the car. put this on n put that off.

i miss school. not because of the smell of the practical lab. bleghhh the smell sticks to ur clothes n hair man. but i miss walking to the tower while eating sandwich.

im holding on to something that i'm not sure of it.

the truth is, i dont tell random people bout my life


kudapolo said...

i'm looking forward for every single day coming..

truth is good.

waniey_freakingGOOD said...

i miss school cz in school im having my girls around and it will keep me busy and prevent me to think something that broke my heart badly..

anyssa said...

z,school is cool :D

wany : we can have another topic on 'kenapa sy rindu sekolah saya'