Saturday, July 18, 2009

what say you

atielia said that since the degree days started, my entries sounded stressful. well it certainly shows how stressful i am and at least i managed to convey the message to readers ;D

received few phne calls n text msges. called n text-ed few ppl for advices n opinions. i'm gathering all for considerations.

my parents asked few docs n one of them said, "i want my daughter to be a dentist. kesian tgk doc perempuan. nak jaga family pun susah sbb slalu on-call". another one said, "klu nak cepat kaya, amik dentist. doc biase pon kaya, tp lambat skit" which attracts me the most. hehehe

if u have any advice, just drop me a comment. lots of anons eh. thanks for reading ;)

ok lets talk bout something out of this box. boring kan?

i'm at ttdi nw. alone. study much? not really but they are coming here to swim arnd 3pm. bring me some food! i'm hungry ppl. malas nak kuar. or i think i'll end up eating sweedish meetballs alone.

im addicted to ur phne calls nw. n sumhow, texting u is a must thing to do.

hold on for another 5 years. boleh? ;)


Anonymous said...

ask urself.which u want the most? both are great n of kos,take years to grad.but it doesnt long as u grad with pride. just go for it girl..starlight stalker ek??maybe :)
y dont u ask opinion from dentistry n medic student itself.mayb they can help..

Anonymous said...

nyssa,just asking if the rayuan things still on x???

anyssa said...

anon 1: u must be d same anon kan? heee. good to see u again. yea both are good obviously. dentist students wud say go for dentistry. medic students wud say go for medic.

but my senior, farah sofia might change my mind coz i've always wanted to be in her position evrytime i read bout her medic inspiring.

anyssa said...

anon 2: i think so sbb ade tmpat kosong. medic nak lagi 4 students n dentist lagi 2. if u're ex dis student, then try! klu u ex dis jengka, lagi la u shud try! tambahkan community kte kat both fac. heee

kudapolo said...

kalaw ex dpim jengka nk try masuk medic ataw dentistry, any chance? hehe.

both are cool..both are inspiring! im not being helpful aint i.

Arafia said...

awww~ just read ur comment atas ni. so flattering =) ...btw, i hope u'll be joining us! lets join our fun (torturous at times) adventure! ..dentistry students pun mcm kiterang jugak. rambut gugur bertambah2 setiap hari.ehhe...btw, monday ni nak start dah! so better make up ur mind!!!

and and, i was with the deputy dean smlm at his office. die cakap last spot was given to an asasi sains girl who got 4flat. so apparently, no space left in medicine. but maybe there are still spaces left in dentistry.

anyssa said...

z : yg paling penting skrg ni, resolution kte bejalan dgn lancar x? hahahah.

farah : i think i'll stick to this one. nnti kte 4 org boleh bukak klinik. i kat ortho department n u guys, 1 department each ;)

Anonymous said...

go kak nis go
langsung x membantu
msg pon da ok

anyssa said...

on9? beciii aku!!! u've helped a lot. jgn risau ;)

rimau(bukan nama sebenar) said...

ni on9 jp je ni...pinjam pc org
da x risau

anyssa said...

ah kau...

fara rasep said...

hah!ambik.rezeki datang bergolek.alhamdulillah.

pilih yg mana selesa,ya?sy takleh tlg sbb bukan bidang sy;))

anyssa said...

nak amik kau nyssa! heee

u pnye "cik nyssa kan kuat" pon da cukup da cik fara.

thank you :D