Saturday, July 25, 2009

bigger space

i have to let this go. u may read my blog. maybe u're my silent reader. seems like many of them prefer to be my silent readers than follower. i guess it's because they can judge my life secretly.


i miss our old times. the lepak routine. before the drama started. 2 years back maybe? before anyone entered ur life. before we started to ignore each other. it was awkward the other day, wasnt it? i hv to admit that n i keep on thinking how stupid i reacted when i saw u. my face expression n body language. shitt. pretending as if im busy talking with my friends. im sorry. u may feel the same way too. never crossed in my mind that it'll end up this way. ignoring each other when we meet is the hardest thing to do. honestly...

i'm happy for u. always will be.


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