Sunday, July 26, 2009


u knw how i love to create my own theory aite? i think one of my most authentic theory ever made which is that repeating num thingy shows that someone is missing you was proved wrong by cik fara dona when one of her relative passed away on repeating num. so x boleh pakai dah.

so someone else has his own theory too. he said that klu nak tau org tu pkai public phne ke phne rumah, try to total up the last two digits. if it gives you a total of 11, maknanye pkai public phne. which is totally wrong la si rabun oii. my house's phne number will give a sum of 11 as the last two digits are 9 and 2. 9 + 2 = 11. celah mane plak nak cari public phne mlm2 buta. theory apekah ni? hahahha. awal2 lagi kene reject!

the most ridiculous theory. if there're a girl n a boy going out together for a lunch, automatically ppl will judge them as 'in a relationship'. bollocks man bollocks. to make things worse, what if he goes out with another girl-friend on the next day? and what if he goes out with both girls on the next 2 days? u must be thinking that he's a womanizer rite? open up ur mind n see the world,kid. judge you own life before you judge others. gt that kiddo?

so moral of the story is jgn la percaya cerita dongeng. wtf? hahaha

menang lagi :)


kudapolo said...

on the bright side, now i know that those theories exist and surprisingly have followers..cos i tend to believe the 1+1 z. haha.

anyssa said...

z, 1+1 tu theori ape?

do u believe theori yg if u're using public phne, one way to save n talk longer is to press that * and # button thingy?


zaman sekolah dulu2 nak call parents suruh jemput balik skolah konon2 period cramp ;p

kudapolo said...

what i meant was yg the theory that says if the time ticks 11:11, n we noticed the numbers, someone's longing to sometwo.

haa taim skolah dulu, guna alasan saket perut. snang gila dpt balek sbb cikgu takot budak2 berak dlm sluar..haha.

and fuck yeah, i did believe the pressing * and #..haha. damn it.

anyssa said...

surprisingly, i pon percaya! sort of, a must thing to do bile pkai public phne kan.

fara rasep said...

i percaya yg 11 tuh public phone.sampai laa skrang nih.hahah.nyssa membuka mataku;))

anyssa said...

ya allah, ade jugak org lain yg pecaya. hahaha. siap ya allah lagi.