Tuesday, July 14, 2009

new gadget in hands

gt myself a new broadband :) after i lost mine 2 months ago. i need to find a way to make sure i dont misplace it. again.

ok i just have to let this off out of my burning chest.. u're just simply irresistible. lets have a deeper conversation n start all over again. ok much better now. heee

impossibly possible


fara rasep said...

is your favourite colour, blue?

anyssa said...


does ur name rhymes wit me?

waniey_freakingGOOD said...

babe.. im happy to say, congratulation on the new "born" baby-broadband..
u should name it..
and hang it on your neck, so that the baby-broadband wont "rayau" without u...
yeah, im bubbling...

anyssa said...

thank you:D

ala rimas nak gantung. even pkai matric card pon da rimas. hehehe. shud think some other effective way.

babe, get well soon :)