Tuesday, July 14, 2009

to love or to hate

ok i know i shud be doing lab report rite now. just not in the mood yet.

lets talk some craps...

i want someone with a brain. not in terms of intelligence but someone who thinks wisely and matured enough.

i want someone who is supportive. for example, when i said that i want to take a course that will take up to 5 years to finish, he'll go "yea, u shud go for it. maybe u can try to do this n bla bla bla. dont give up"..not smeone who tells me "im sure u're gonna leave me when u find someone better. 5 years is a long long long way to go"...if u cant wait, then leave now.

im a simple person when it comes to relationship. i dont like frequent incoming messages. i dont like every-5-mins phne calls. i dont even like to talk for more than 30 mins. letih. not that i dont care about you. frequent phne calls n text mssges are annoying esp when i have some other things to do. so usually, i text less than 5 times n call twice. heh.

i want someone i can chill with. someone that i can simply use "boleh x fikir pkai otak skit" and say that i met a hansome guy just now or point to any handsome guy. bullshit la if ur boyfriend is the most handsome guy in the universe kan.

i'm an insecure bitch before the relationship starts but settled down when it has started. i need some confirmation before i start to gt annoyed n bored with the never ending conversation. i dont want someone who cant stop talking "oh nnti bile kite kahwin" or "i promise that i'm gonna marry u" which is totally bullshit. i like to take it in an easy way thinking that its a long way to go. so just chill.

these are totally my personal opinion. maybe u're completely opposite than i am. yea ;)

gonna continue with my lab report. night world. big smile darling :D

dont melt with me coz i have nothing to offer


bahril said...

hahaha..mu memey ganas

anyssa said...

jange naling. sy x buak gapo2 ganas ;)