Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a thank you letter

today was great! one of the happiest day in my entire life, i must say. not gonna talk more bout it coz i dont know who's reading my blog. but one for sure, zahid will be reading this entry. z, i gt that 'thing'. the 'thing' that i've been working on. remember?

just when im about to give up..
- j went thru those tough moments with me. she stays close next to me thru thick n thin. i love u to bits lady.
- i still remember cg said that i shud just give it a try. if x dapat xpe. if x mintak, nnti menyesal. he even offered to drive me back to cheras when i said that i left my spm cert there. im was dead tired that time.
- si rabun would give random phne calls just to ask how's it going. asik salahkan awk. heee
my mom n dad made a letter to the fac when i was in perhentian island hoo-haa-haa with my friends.
- aunty na was worried sick bout wht i'm becoming in the future.
- chong for lending me his ears n shoulders.
- nadi and everyone else.

i was brought up as a girl that can have everything that she wants without having to work her ass off. everything seems possible for me. i gt wht i want easily. so when i diden gt the offer, all i can think was 'dah xde rezeki'. i give up n malas nak buat pape dah. but they made me work harder to get into that 'thing'. i still remember evry single words that they've told me. now, i wnt to make them proud. not for me but for the ppl that play a big role in my success n future. thank you thank you thank you. i love you. hugs n kisses.

i wish u were here to share these tears of joy with me. u were the first person i called after i gt the good news other than j coz obviously she was right infront of me. sorry for bugging u early in the morning tho ;p eventho u're far away, i believe that u're one of my biggest supporter behind all these hard works. thank you so so so much from the bottom of my heart. at least if there's something bad happens between us, u'll be remembered for this :)

cik fara, thank you for making me believe that i'm strong :) cik nyssa kan kuat ;))

to everyone. xoxo

hugs n kisses


fara rasep said...

yeah!!kita tak boleh tunjuk kita lemah.

that's what im trying to do here.bila semua orang takda kat sini. walaupun terpaksa buat2 senyum and telan sakit. tp kita tau kita boleh buat!!!

Anonymous said...

i know bout ur "thing" wpun im just a silent reader of urs.congrate yea.i like a girl who can work her ass off..esp in these upcoming 5years :)

chong said...

go johnny go go go..
run forest run...
jgn lupa say thanks utk Pencipta kak nis,.

waniey_freakingGOOD said...

congratulation babe..
but i was dying wanna know on what i was congratulate u...

kudapolo said...

i was smiling all the way reading ur entry. congratulations a. ;)

takleh nak bumped cranky smiley face slalu dh laaa pasnih.

Anonymous said...

congratulationssssssssssss babe!!
kau tau nyssa everytime aku lalu
depan fac dentistry dulu aku salu
igt kau. then suddenly kau
ckp kau dpt offer tu.
aku happy gilaa!
congrats again.
after all those hard works
i bet u deserved it la.
good luck tau.

Anonymous said...

cngrate nisa..u deserve it.

anyssa said...

thank you evryone. those yg i kenal n xkenal ;p

fara : ehehe fara yg sgt bersemangat. sumwhere sumhow, u influenced me. yeah! hahaha. thank you..

anon : thank you. good to knw that u gt wit the program eventho u're my silent reader coz only a few of them knw. u must be someone close to me then. kan?

anyssa said...

chong : alhamdulillah :) thank you banyak2.

waniey : i dnt want to publicized anything here but i hope u'll get some hints from other comments n my previous entry. thanks darling.

anyssa said...

z : ala shah alam is small laa. plus i'm always wit u-know-who. hahaha. lepak or lunch together nnti ok?

babe : tp class aku kat tower tu. bukan depan fac aku. xpe, class da x pack. ample oxygen to breathe. boleh jmpe kau slalu.

anon : thank you :D

Anonymous said...

u never know my existence even tho i always look at u.way back at jengka. :) hehe.nvrmnd. goodluck ya.
p/s:love ur whitey

fara rasep said...

jeng jeng jeng.

starlight stalker;))

anyssa said...

anon : eh jap jap. u sape eh. seems like u knw a lot bout me. i mean, my personal stuff.

Anonymous said...

go kak nis go!!

Anonymous said...

kakak nisa
i luv ur...........

Anonymous said...

'komen ini kosong'

anyssa said...

bo la kak nis tuh. n i love urs too ;)

ok this one i tau sape. not really an anon to me.

Anonymous said...

i read ur blog since the beginning.of coz i know almost everything.dont not a stalker.just wanna b ur fren :)

anyssa said...

dont worry coz i dont eat ppl. hehehe. xpe la if u wanna remain anon. but it'll be nicer if i gt to knw who r u coz i'm guessing several names. mane la tau betul ke ape i teka tu.

bertambah lagi 1 kawan i dlm dunia ni ;))

Anonymous said...

u dont need to guess any u'll never know :)thanks

fara rasep said...

itu lah yang dinamakan starlight stalker.depa bg a good way,of course;))

anyssa said...

hehehe. ala i xkesah sape tapi advices frm ppl that we already knw lagi reliable ;) we dont eat ppl kan fara? we're goood ppl. kdg2 je bitchy skit. ngeh ngeh ngeh