Sunday, July 5, 2009

im on mobile

can i have more of this






and this

and definitely this one :)

i have no clue how both of u gt it but all i can say is congratulation. i miss those days but no regrets. u wanna play the game, i'll press the 'play' button. n now u're in our game. good luck!

n to my darling atielia, good luck with ur registration today. its gonna be an easy day if u know how to cut 90% of the lane. heh. im sorry for being such an uncivilized malaysian yday. blame icang. hahaha.

im gonna pass out soon. form this virtual life. gonna have a hot nerd life. heh. slalu cal ok? im gonna miss u :(

keindahan penantian


Anonymous said...

hee thanks babe.
luckily everything
was just fine today.(:

tp pic crd matrix aku
mcm haram. daym it!
malas la weh nak pikir
pasal degree ni.
aku mcm buat bodo je.

neway goodluck nysa.
since we're both here nanti
kita lepak k?
daaa darling.


BahrilIlmi said... is a playground..

Anonymous said...

how both of u got it tu who nisa? anyway have fun doing degree!

anyssa said...

babe im so sorry that i cant catch up wit u. kau tau kan aku busy:( dont worry. kau x mungkin sehitam aku klu kau da makin hitam pon ;p

bahril, bo la emo.

anon. he's a friend to my friend's friend.