Friday, July 3, 2009

second chance

im warning u. in a good way. stop using my name. stop mentioning my name. just stop it. regardless on any matters. i know it's hard to make people around to believe in you for the second time.

it happened to me before. i've been given the second chance. not in love relationship. not in studies. but in LIFE. take that responsibility n proove to others. there's always some space for u to stand up again. it's a tough period but have a faith in urself.

crawl if u cant walk. walk if u cant run. smile if u cant laugh.

life is too short. love people around u. tell them that u love them. most importantly, thank god that u're still alive.

to cik fara dona,
selamat pulang ke jengka:) go fara go! senior kan? hahahaa
make love


fara rasep said...

wahahha.TIDDAAKKK!!rasa mcm nak berhenti n kawen takder laki.mcm mana nih.aiyoh.

anda pula,selamat dtg ke dunia yg sgt busy,uitm shah alam.cnfm penat.takpe,nyssa kuat;))

anyssa said...

ang belakang rumah kan ade. hahahaha. x habis2 lagi pasal abg belakang rumah.

yes, nyssa kan kuat ;))