Friday, July 17, 2009

thank god it's friday ;)

i'm surprised to knw that i can actually talk on the phne for more than 30 mins! well, last nite i was on the phne for nearly 50 mins. the last time i did this was errr.. 2 years ago maybe? i miss the oily screen protector after a long phne conversation. hehehe.

still thinking whether to go back to cheras or not. there are pros n cons. more cons than pros obviously ;) i want to go home coz i need to buy more kurung since i gave/threw away most of it. now i prefer wearing kurung to class rather than big loose jeans n shirts as stated in the rules of fac which is totally a massive fashion disaster :D how can i say NO to shopping. irresistable man. but i feel like staying stay at ttdi this weekend coz i need to study(sejak bile nyssa ckp pasal study?) . i hv the coziest room u can ever imagine. no distraction n i can swim whenever i'm feeling stress. however, ou is just 5 mins away. so dont be surprised if u spot me there. heee. told ya, shopping is just irresistable.

now it's 2.20pm n i havnt eat anything today. out for good food.

long way to go

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