Sunday, July 12, 2009

the clock is ticking

just hope that tomorrow never happens*fingercross* but unfortunately, the clock is ticking. *ticktockticktock*

of course i care la ngek
where were u when i need someone to teman me makan?
rasta is just like 5 mins from ur house n 1 min from mine
gonna meet u up today or tomorrow
jgn merajuk
i feel bad
im sorry :(
love you

after all, friendship is more important than being a selfish brat.

going back to ttdi later. si rabun, i'll give u a call jap lagi n dah beli broadband! expect the unexpected. ngeh ngeh ngeh

p/s: thank you semua for advices n supports. i feel loved with ur words. as fara dona said, cik nyssa kan kuat :) n another person said, go kak nis go! hehehe.

just read boy's page. man, i miss penang. some random pics..

boy, i gt the same pic as urs. he's everywhere man!

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