Monday, July 27, 2009


so you dont have the guts to hit me back even after all that we've been through just because you are still stuck at the old place?

you over judged yourself because fyi, i do not judge people

i have friends who're worse than you and i stick by their side

maybe that's the whole reason why you potray yourself as an anonymous here

so that i dont know your sissy identity


R.I.P Yasmin Ahmad. Al-Fatihah


Anonymous said...

i don't know which anon u r talking bout.but janji,im not someone that u used to know.just wanna be ur fren.dats all.i know u coz u quite noticable at jengka dulu. :) like ur style btw.

anyssa said...

:) thank you. selekeh gile kot. jengka je pon. hahaha

definitely not you coz he's someone close to me.

u mesti uitm jengka kan? EC student? mengorek rahsia :D

Anonymous said...

im IS student n ur senior.dats all for now :)

anyssa said...

alamak, cant think of anyone. heee